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Scope of Services

In general, ZaGo oversees all of the client’s specific needs, from start up to turn key, regarding their tourism related ventures and makes sure that the jointly identified strategies are undertaken successfully.

As Senior Advisor on tourism projects for developers, we align ourselves fully with our clients’ interest and are responsible for assembling a team which will be responsible for:

  • Identification and assessment of business opportunities and development potential.
  • Definition of each program and objective as well as development scenarios.
  • Defining the project’s concept and preliminary business strategy.
  • Assembling the necessary project team members according to the project’s concept.
  • Coordination of the whole pre-planning and planning process with the project’s team members, including identification of the projects outside team as well as supervision and follow up. The project’s team usually involves:
    • Planners
    • Economists & Market Analysts
    • Engineers o Architects
  • Revise and refine all the necessary documentation produced by the outside team members for the developer including:
    • Revenue projections and absorption for each alternative land use.
    • Cost estimates, based on the input of the physical planners.
    • Cash flows focusing on the sensitivity of cost elements and revenue assumptions.
    • Land use plans and facilities program in all the Design Phases
    • Preliminary cost estimates for all facilities.
    • Refine the facilities programs to reflect market and financial recommendation
    • Design evaluation and financial analysis of the project components
  • Identification of joint venture opportunities, project financing, capital structuring, equity partners, hotel flags identification and negotiations and marketing initiatives.
  • Communication strategy and project’s positioning as well as marketing actions for the project and the developer.
  • Legal assistance and permitting process

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