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Kenia Lima|Executive President

She is articulate, tremendously well-informed, a tireless community leader, full of enthusiasm and energy. It's not surprising that she has been a featured speaker at  many regional and international tourism conferences, and was chosen by the U.S. Government to participate in the International Visitors Program on the theme 'Latin American Women Leaders in Social Activism and Community Mobilization.'

Kenia Lima de Zapata currently holds the position of President of Zago Solutions a company that offers proven effective applications for public and private sector tourism organizations distinguishing itself in the application of practical expertise and know-how of the region. For the last 12 years she served as Vice President for Marketing in the Honduran Institute of Tourism (IHT), the national body charged with the success of an industry increasingly vital to the Central American country. Under her guidance, Honduras has developed strategies for increasing tourism demand, while her special expertise in marketing technology has contributed to substantial growth in visitors to Honduras in recent years.
There have also been international honors. Recently Honduras was awarded the ESMA Prize of the Graduate School of Marketing in Girona, Spain, while Honduras has just received Microsoft's 'Golden @”  for the best national tourism website in Central America.

Kenia Lima's commitment to the Central American region and its future is strong. She was  the official Honduran delegate to the Mundo Maya Organization which unites the five countries that share Mayan heritage to develop tourism, and was the longest serving member and founder of the Tourism Marketing Committee of Central America and Mundo Maya, as well as the Executive Committee of the Central American Tourism Council. For a region now at peace and just starting to attract real attention in major markets like the United States, she believes that cooperation among its member countries is essential. 

Born in Honduras, she graduated from the National Autonomous University with a degree in Economics, and had her first work experience in the United Nations system as assistant to the Regional Representative of the International Telecommunications Union. Moving to the Honduras Bay Islands, she launched a successful computer consulting business.

She joined the Institute twelve years ago, first as regional representative for the Bay Islands, and then as assistant to the Executive Director, before being named Vice President for Marketing. Since then, the annual marketing plans she has developed and carried out for the Institute, and her country, have been called the best in the region.   Moving forward in her career she founded ZAGO Solutions in January 2006.  Since then, distinguished companies such as RCCL & Banyan Tree Group among others have trusted her capabilities by having Zago represent their interest in Honduras and other Latin-American countries.  For Kenia Lima de Zapata, the promise of the future is the source of her energy. "The strategies we have worked so hard to establish are starting to succeed," she says. "Central America is on track -- not just to tourism growth and a finer product, but to a tourism that we Central Americans  really want, and are helping to shape."
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