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Eva Gomez |Vice President

Eva Carolina Gomez Mannheim, former Honduran Deputy Minister of Tourism (2002-2006) conducted the ministry international cooperation strategy with an outcome of over US$ 98 million designated for tourism priority programmes and projects. To mention the most relevant, Bay Island Environmental Program Phase II (AIDB loan No. 1113/SF-HO/), Costal Sustainable Tourism Project (World Bank Loan no. 3558-H0), Regional Development of the Copan Valley ( World Bank Loan 3764-HO) and Sustainable Tourism National Program ( IADB 1623/SF HO).  Her mayor contribution was to place in the top of mind of multilateral organisms that tourism is today a potent development tool and worthy to be finance.

During office, she was responsible for the Sustainable Tourism National Strategy process that ends with a solid consensus between the private and public sector. She also conducted the negotiations with National Geographic and Counterpart International for the implementation of the Geotourism Strategy for Honduras and SAVE. She promoted and negotiated  the constitution of the Tourism Development Fund (IADB Loan 1623/SF HO) as well as  “Prosperity Fund – Fondo Prosperidad” (World Bank Costal Sustainable Tourism Project/Copan valley Project –small donations for micro tourism/or related enterprises).  Prior working experience includes International Red Cross, Honduras Congress and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Her core tourism technical experience includes policy making, social communications strategies, institutional strengthening and capacity building in local and national level, public relations, investment promotion and PPP squemes and strategic planning for tourism development in emerging destinations.

Eva Carolina Gomez holds a political science master degree from the University of Geneva, Switzerland and has other studies in international law and International Relations,, speaks Spanish, French and English.

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